Hello, and welcome to Ted Terranova's Robotpage. This page was created as a place where people could view images of my robot collection, find out about collecting these toys, and re-live some of their childhood memories. Some of you probably haven't seen these toys in twenty years and viewing them now can take you back to a great moment in your life. A time when your biggest problem was losing one of Mazinga's rockets or breaking the horn off of your Gaiking's head.

I received my first Shogun Warrior Mazinga on my sixth birthday. In the picture I don't seem to be paying him much attention, but he left a lasting impression on me. There was something about the cold touch of the diecast metal and plastic and the rich bright colors that really intrigued me as a child. The toys were also mysterious to me because they looked like nothing I had seen before, and I had no idea what the strange "Japanese" symbols on their belts meant.

I lost all my Shogun Warriors over the years, but after searching for a long time I have acquired replacements for them all. On this site I present my collection of Shogun Warriors, Godaikins and other Japanese robots for your viewing. Collecting these toys is very rewarding and allows you to meet some great people. If you have any questions or comments please send me an email. Have Fun - Ted


NOTE: I love using images so some of the pages may take a little while to load, but they shouldn't be too bad. Also, please use netiquette about using my sites images or content somewhere else. It takes a lot of time to scan and prep all these pictures, and many of them are personal. If you wish to use any part of this site, just write me an email and get my permission first. Thanks



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