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Back in the late 70s or early eighties my parents took me christmas shopping. There were a lot of cool toys out at that time but one caught my eye. That toy was Godsigma, the first Bandai Godaikin I ever got. I remember not knowing I would get him until Christmas day when I unwrapped him. The box was huge, and inside was the most beautiful and complex toy I had ever seen. The colors were fantastic, it was heavy and cold to the touch because of all the die-cast and it came with a beautiful little instruction book. I was hooked on what I believe are the most beautiful and well designed toys ever made.

Ted's Signs of a great Godaikin:

  • A big box with the patented Godaikin Handle for suitcase like transport.

  • A hugely disproportinate sword (Combattra is excused).
  • A height of more than 10".
  • A transformation into at least 3 seperate pieces.
  • A Big Punch or some type of goofy fist weapon.


Bio Man

Bio Man came later in the Godaikin series. He has a bit more plastic in him then the earlier toys, but his transformation is still great. Like all good Godaikins, he comes with a huge sword and a shield.


This is my favorite toy of them all! I never had a Combattra when I was younger but always wanted one. This toy is a classic among classics.

Daitetsujin 17

Daitetsujin 17 (pronounced one seven not seventeen) is a very dense heavy toy. Although it is only about 6 1/2" tall, it is quite a nice piece and comes with a decent amount of accesories.


Daltanius is one of the classic Godaikins. Combining Atlaus, Velarios and Gunper into Daltanius with his sword and shield is a very interesting mix of three very unique forms..


Leopardon was created for a Japanese TV show staring Marvel Comic's Spiderman. You can see the web design on his chest. Check out Spidey's Godaikin buddy.


If it weren't for the fact that this toys box says Godaikin on it, it wouldn't be in my collection. He is a Godaikin, but only meets the height requirement for a great Godaikin. Looks cool as a plane though.

Voltes V

Voltes V is the "younger brother" of Combattra. Many people feel that Bandai improved Combattras proportions and vehicles in the Voltes V incarnation.






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