Cool Toy of the Month

The cool toy for September is the Godaikin Daimos! This isn't one of the biggest Godaikins, but he is really cool in truck mode. Real rubber tires!




Summit 1999

Thanks Tom!

I just got back from the summit last night at around 1:00 in the morning. It was a great event and everyone was trading and swapping Japanese toys! Go to the Summit page and check out all the images.

Chogokin Summit II


Summit coming fast!

Another year and it looks like there will be another Summit. Tom's kind enough to be hosting it this year and hopefully more people will attending this year. I'll post pics when I get back from this weekends adventure. I hope to see you all there!

When: 9/11/99
Where: Cape Cod, Mass. (USA)
Host: Tom Vigneau



SOC Toys are looking very cool!

I saw some cool images of the new SOC Grandizer on and couldn't believe my eyes. This thing looks even cooler than Combattra. The saucer looks great and his assortment of accessories looks pretty complete. I also saw a picture of an SOC Mazinger base! If they made bases for some of these guys it would be almost too much. It looks like the elevator really raises the toy up through the "swimming pool"! MattAlt told me that this is actually a photo of a bank toy prototype, but it is in scale with the SOC toys. Keep your finger crossed!


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