There are quite a few books and magazines dealing with diecast robots and collecting. Check them out.

All these toys were advertised in one catalog or another. Take a look at how they were marketed and sold.

People, getting together, talking about robots. Chogokin, summit, flee markets, toy shows, etc.

Photographs of robots , drawings of robots, 3-d images of robots and any other robot related art.

How did this guy get so into this hobby? What keeps him going after all these years? Find out.

Believe it or not there are other pages almost as cool as this one. See where I go on the web to find out about robots.

What do I do with this beat up Mazinga without a head? Send him to me or find out in the repairs section.

Want to know what that new release looks like? Find out how it stands up to the toy review.

What the #@$!!! does Chogokin mean anyway! Learn Chogokin speak and converse with the masters.

Should I send a $1000 cash to this guy in Hong Kong that I've never met? You should definitely read this section.



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