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Yes, Invincible Guardians of World Freedom, not a small task, but these toys lived up to the name. They came out in the late 70's to early 80's. They were based on the most popular and famous Super Robots in Japan from the 60's to 70's. They also had their own Marvel Comic.

My first experience with shoguns was when I got a Great Mazinga 24" as a child. I remember that my friend Bill had Raydeen and John had Gaiking. We would play all day with them, and in the process lose our missiles, swords, and accessories. I later got the big Godzilla (whose flame handle quickly broke) and then some diecast 5" guys. They are all gone now, buried in my back yard, forgotten under the porch or thrown out with the trash. But now I have grown up and I am on a quest to rebuild my collection. I love collecting these toys and find a rekindled memory with each piece I get.

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Shoguns are broken up into the following groups:





5" Diecast Shogun Warriors Figures

There were four of these toys released by Mattel but over the years different versions of the four robots were released. This meant less functionality in the toy and features being dropped. Be careful of which version you buy because the 2nd and 3rd versions are not as valuable. One good hint is that all the 1st versions were packed in a green styrofoam.

Great Mazinga - He was probably one of the most popular of the 5" shogun warriors. As a result, today he is probably the most valuable of the 5" toys and the most sought after. He came in at lest two different versions. The first version has stickers on his knees and belt buckle, a multi colored/sectioned jet pack and opaque red swords.

Dragun - A lot of people remember Dragun from when they were a little kid. He came with two axes that he could throw/shoot from his right hand. The first version of this toy can be distinguished by blue arm bands and a gold necklace. The knees are also articulated.

Poseidon - For some reason not many people are attracted to Poseidon. Unlike the other 5" toys, he can not shoot his fist or a shoot a projectile from his fist. The first version of this toy was able to bend his lower legs down to form treads. It was also possible to tilt back the rocket launchers on his shoulders. The later version imobilized both of these components.

Raider - He came with a cool drill on one arm and a rocket shooter on the other. The first version of this toy had bendable knees and red rockets. After the dreaded "Battlestar Galctica Rocket Incident" the red rockets were replaced with big yellow flower looking rockets.


TWO in ONE Diecast Shogun Warrior Figures

The Two in One toys are my favorite of the Shogun line. Theyre big enough to have nice weight and detail, but aren't too big and clumsy. If I could only keep one 2 in 1 I'd have to pick Raydeen because I had him as a child and can remeber hanging him out my car window in bird mode and pretending he was flying at a million miles an hour(don't try this at home, its very unsafe!). These toys are just too cool!

Daimos - He's pretty cool but it sucks that he can't turn into the Daimos truck. You'll have to get the Godaikin version to do that. This version has those weird "throat safe" flower missiles. He has some nice hidden missile shooters.

Danguard - This was always one of my favorites. I think it was because he could fly and his chest could open up. He could also hold his shin guards as weapons and shoot his head off!

Gaiking - I always thought he looked kind of weird with such a big face/belly and those skinny legs, but over the years his odd proportions have grown on me. He does a cool conversion into a skull and can "fly" with his red wings. He's considered the hardest 2 in 1 to find. One version of Gaikings has a sticker the other does not.

Raydeen - The classic TWO in ONE. He was the first transforming robot and ushered in the era of the Combattras and eventually transformers. His conversion into a bird is very convincing and the little jets on his feet add a nice touch.

Voltes-V - The Combattra wanna be of the mecha world. Voltes is a beautiful Shogun with an alright transformation into a "super tank". Look out for his huge swords and shooting fists!

Grandizer - This is the European Shogun version(I don't believe it was sold in the U.S.). This is a great toy, but lacks some of the functions of the Japanese Popy version. The figure fits nicely into the saucer making it very true to the animation it is based on.


Shogun Warrior Vehicles

If you're confused by this wacky assortment of vehicles you're not alone. It seems that Mattel simply grabbed a bunch of Popy vehicles and slapped the Shogun Warrior label on them, not that I'm complaining. For this reason I've thrown in some Japanese toys that were never released as Shogun toys. There are a lot of these, and I don't have them all.

Bazoler: This is Gaikings little tank friend. He would ride in the space dragons belly and help out Gaiking.

Cargosaur: In Japan this is called the Space Dragon and served as Gaiking's mother ship.

Daimos Truck: This is the Daimos robot in truck mode. It does not transform.

Dangard Launcher: This actually Danguard(the spelling is inconsistent) Aces head which would seperate in the show.

Heli-Captor: This is a very cool toy based on a Japanese action show. Reminds me of the landing ship from Aliens. What do you think?

Rydoto: This is considered the paperweight of Shogun Vehicles. It appeared in the Raydeen show and kept enemies busy while the hero got Raydeen ready to fight.

Satlither: This is not a real Shogun vehicle but it is the little toy of Danguard Ace in flight mode.

Shigcon Jet: A vehicle from the Daitetsujin 17 show. Daitetsujin is one seven not seventeen.This toy has a cool wing action and the front shoots out.

Shigcon Tank: This is the ground attack vehicle from the Daitetsujin 17 show. The drill pop out feature is very cool.

Sky Arrow: This is also a vehicle from the Danguard Ace show. I loved this as a kid and remember trading the removable cockpit with my friend.

Sky Jet: This vehicle is from a Japanese live action show called Kyodain. The two parts are brothers who transform into the ships. It is really weird looking but shoots a lot of dangerous missiles.

Skylar: This is the Japanese version of the Shogun Toy. This is another one of Gaikings friends much like Bazoler. Its a pretty cool little dragon plane with moving head and wings.

Solar Saucer: Why they called it the Solar Saucer is beyond me. This is obviously the little version of the Grandizer Saucer 2 in 1. The Grandizer really shoots out of the front and it fires missles.

Varitank: This toy was seen in the ancient sentai (live action fighting team ) show called GoRanger. It looks like some kind of bizarre robot used to clean up nuclear waste in Chernobyl.

Vertilift: This toy is also from the GoRanger show. It has a neat wing opening feature and cool shooting claws and propellers.

Nessar: This is Gaikings third little friend. I think it looks like the Lochness monster so that's why they called it Nessar but I may be totally wrong.

NOTE: Many thanks to Darren Pierce for sending me a great deal of information relating to these toys and the shows they appeared in. Richard Ramos also submitted some great info on the toys. Thanks for the help guys!


24" Shogun Warrior Figures

The 24" Shogun Warriors, referred to as Jumbo Machinders in Japan, are some of the biggest action figures ever made. When I was six these guys almost came up to my waist. Look at how big Mazinga is next to my sister when she was three. I must admit that upon seeing them as an adult, they seemed much smaller then I rembered, but they are still very cool. If you collect these make sure you have plenty of closet space.

Daimos: This is one of the least common of the 24" Shoguns. I've read that this is because he was released near the end of the Shogun line. He's got a shooting fist and missile shooters on his calves.

Dragun: He's a very popular and common Shogun. He comes with a cool shuriken shooter that goes on his wrist. His other hand has a mechanism that allows him to really throw his axes!

Gaiking: Gaiking has two rocket launchers in either of his eyes and a shooting fist His horns swivel around so you can change the way he looks.

Godzilla: This is kind of strange because Godzilla is not a super robot, but Mattel still put the Shogun name on him. They also got him a shooting fist so he wouldn't feel left out. His fire tounge is a great gimick.

Great Mazinga: This was my first Shogun and I must have three of them now. He has swords, a flying brain ship, shooting rocket fingers and missle holders all over. The 3rd version of this toy comes with a sticker instead of the plastic V.

Raydeen: My friend Bill had one of these and we would always have our Shoguns fight. He has a cool shield and shooting fist. Its a shame Mattel never sold the Bow that they had in Japan for Raydeen.





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